Series on how to obtain a loan at the DKB successfully

DKB: How the loan is paid out! Part 3

written loan approval of the DKB

This is how the written loan approval of the DKB looks like.

A letter with the note “personal” above the name and address and without an apparent sender turned out to be good news:

Sehr geehrter Herr Janecke,

wir freuen, dass Sie sich für unser DKB-Privatdarlehen entschieden haben.

Ihren Antrag in Höhe von 2.500 Euro nehmen wir gerne an.

Den Auszahlungsbetrag werden wir auf das von Ihnen genannte Konto überweisen.

Loan payment through bank transfer

The payment of the loan took place in an unspectacular way through a bank transfer tagged “Auszahlung Privatdarlehen“ (payout private loan):

Payout from the DKB credit (bank statement)

The payout of the loan is made by a credit payment to your account. In my case, this is the DKB current account. However, the money can also be paid to any other bank account.

Loan appears as a new account within online banking

Once the loan application is approved and the money is paid out, the loan account appears in your online banking:

DKB financial status after loan disbursement

Do you also like this transparency at the DKB? If you click on mehr (more) and then on Details (details), you will find out further information about the loan and you can also change the debit account of the instalments.
new account: DKB loan

By clicking on the details of the loan, the following page appears

Details for DKB credit

The “Verrechnungskonto” (debit account) is the account, from which the monthly instalments are withdrawn.
here you could change the debit account of the monthly instalments

Note for everyone, who does not have a current account at the DKB

… and what does the SCHUFA know about my loan?

Like at any other loan of a German bank – the loan will be registered at the Schufa (credit investigation company). That looks like this:

Schufa message for the DKB credit

For people, who have not been customers of the DKB yet, the first lines in which the current account and the credit cards are noted do not apply.

Such a Schufa entry is not negative – in the end, one will realize that the DKB considers you as someone solvent that a loan has been approved. It would be negative, if there would be a note that a loan was not paid back. This is the deeper meaning of the organization Schufa.

Further advantages of the DKB loan

In the letter about the credit payment, the bank indicates the following advantages of the DKB private loan:

  • the interest rate, current account balance and transactions can always be viewed in online banking
  • the possibility to request a repayment plan free of charge
  • the debit account and address can be changed any time via online banking
  • your personal documents can be uploaded to an online security deposit box (see DKB video course (in German))
  • telephone accessibility of the bank around the clock

What´s next?

In a future article, I will talk about the possibility of special unscheduled repayments. You are most welcome to send me your questions on this subject. These will be answered in the article.

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Addendum: Summary in video (in German)

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2 Responses to “DKB: How the loan is paid out! Part 3”

  1. Gabi says:


    In January 2019, my probation period will finish and my employment contract is limited to 2 years. Do I still have chances to get a loan at the DKB bank?

    • Gregor says:

      You have chances. A positive response cannot be guaranteed through the comments feature. The chances are higher, if you submit the loan contract through Smava. Smava works with the DKB and many other banks. You can get a DKB-loan through Smava.

      If it does not work with the DKB, then perhaps you can get several approvals from other banks, as with only one data entry, the financing possibilities at severals banks are checked. Does that help you? Here again the link ► Smava.

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