Loan application: Which documents must be submitted?

Successful DKB loan application [part 2]

The first part shows how to apply for the DKB loan (DKB-Privatdarlehen) online and the details that you should pay particular attention to in order for the loan to remain as favourable as advertised for ⇒ go to part 1.

The following clip shows what to do with the documents that you can print after the loan application or let send to you by the branch office free of charge.

The documentation of the video is in German language, however, we have an english subtitle, which starts automatically. Watching the video should still be useful, because you can see all the documents and what you should do with them.

Checklist for you!

This checklist applies to the printout at home as well as to the filled loan application sent to you by mail.

    DKB-Privatdarlehen Antrag

    Cover sheet “Mein DKB-Privatdarlehen Antrag“ (My DKB private loan application)

  • The first two pages (cover letter: “Ihr Antrag DKB-Privatdarlehen“ (your application DKB private loan) and “So gelangen Sie zu Erfüllung Ihrer Wünsche“ (How to get to the fulfilment of your dreams) can be set aside.
  • Page 3 (prepared cover letter: “Mein DKB-Privatdarlehen Antrag (My DKB private loan application) is your coversheet to submit the loan application at the DKB. The mailing address is already imprinted. You only have to sign this page 1 ×.
  • The next six pages (loan application DKB private loan) are the actual loan application. On the first page, you can find your personal data, your budgetary information and loan information. Please check each point again on whether all your stated data from the online form has been taken correctly to the loan application.

    Darlehensantrag DKB-Privatdarlehen (Seite 1)

    Loan application DKB private loan (page 1)

    The pages two to five are the so-called “small print” – can be read, of course, but it is not necessary. Anyway, one being a borrower can not change the bank conditions. On the bottom of page 4, one can find the information on the selected or deselected insurance coverage.

    On page 6, one will have to check again the bank accounts for the loan payout as well as for the instalment debits. These can be different accounts. On this page, one has to sign 2 ×.

    There are no more signatures to make!

  • 7 pages and 3 signatures will be sent back to the DKB

    Seite 6 vom DKB Kreditantrag

    Sign 2 × (page 6 of the application)

  • Depending on the previous customer relationship, there will be different next steps:
    • If you are already DKB customer and use the current account as a salary account, then you are done!
    • If you are already a customer, but you do not receive your salary payments on the DKB current account, then you will have to attach a copy of the current proof of income (e.g. salary slip) to the loan application or the bank statement of the bank where your receive your salary payments. The current month is enough!
    • If you are not yet a DKB customer, then you will also have to attach a proof of income in copy. Additionally, the statutory legitimating is required. For the DKB loan, there is currently only the PostIdent-procedure. You can send the loan application documents free of charge with the identification letter.
  • All other documents are informative and determined to remain with you.


One has to sign once the cover letter to the bank and twice the loan application. Both (a total of 7 pages) have to be sent back to the DKB. As an existing customer, no new legitimating is required. Customers, who receive their salary payments on the DKB current account, do not need to submit proof of income. New customers can send the loan application documents easily and free of charge together with the PostIdent.

Questions on how to successfully apply for the DKB loan?

Please use the comments box for your questions. My team and I would be happy to help, whenever possible.

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