DKB denies it ⇒ we recommend this trick anyway :)

DKB account opening through depot easier!?

The free current account of the DKB (with also free Visa Card and worldwide free cash withdrawals) becomes more and more unique in the German bank-landscape.

More and more banks introduce account management fees, increase them or charge the additional services, like the card and withdrawing cash.

Therefore, it is no wonder that an increasing number of people want to open an account at the DKB. Since the media campain “Kein-Aber … die kostenlose Kontoführung bleibt“ (no but, the free account management remains), new customers are drawn in masses to the Berlin direct bank.

Record-number in DKB-account openings!

DKB: Kein Aber auf Youtube

Within only a few weeks, the ad clip of the DKB was requested more than 8 million times! Further information:

We heard from bank-circles that there were not as many new applications for account opening since the reunification. The applications on account opening are within the 5-digit numbers!

However, not everyone, who wants to get the completely free account DKB Cash, gets it.

Not an account for everyone!

In order to remain attractive and thrifty for long, it requires a creditworthiness check of the new customers. People, who have problems with the Schufa often do not achieve the opening of a free current account.

Important background knowledge:

A bank earns through the card transactions, the overdraft interest and, of course, through the use of further products, e.g. the DKB Broker.

Herein, people can build a retirement provision and create fund savings plans or buy securities. Even if the fees are comparably cheap or partially do not apply, a bank nowadays earns more than with the payment transactions!

Currently, the advertising of the opening of depot accounts as an alternative to the very low savings interest and compared to the little profitable current accounts is increasing!

Depot accounts move into the marketing focus of banks!

To every depot account, there is generally a settlement account in which e.g. the dividends are credited and through which all other securities purchases are settled too.

At the DKB, the free current account DKB Cash works as the settlement account.

That means:

who opens the depot account (DKB Broker), also gets the DKB current account opened immediately!

See online application for DKB Broker:

DKB Broker in Kombination mit dem Girokonto eröffnen

If one ticks here “nein” (no), then the free current account DKB Cash is automatically opened with the depot account? Go to the online application!

What do the terms and conditions say?

If one reads the terms and conditions in detail, one finds out that the bank will also make a Schufa-request, if the DKB Cash is opened as a settlement account to the depot – but is it meaningful for a bank to reject a depot opening, if someone wants to bring money to the bank?

Clear: the cases with harsh negative Schufa-entries will also be rejected here. In the end, one will get a complete current account with credit card through the detour depot-opening. But it is also true from the other side that the credit line is limited in the beginning.

The bank could e.g. set up an overdraft facility of Euros 100 in the beginning and only at the proven creditworthiness or salary payment increase it to Euros 15,000.

As a settlement account, the bank could set up the account with a low credit line at first!

Make the account opening through depot (yes/no)?

Different statements were given to our editorial staff:

  • The bank says that it is not easier to open the account through the “depot-trick”.
  • However, we know of one case in which the account opening through the depot-detour has worked, although the first account opening has been rejected.

In the end, it is not proofable through a third person – especially because the creditworthiness rating algorithm is kept secret; however, such a special portal with an active and committed readership can observe and interchange experiences. For this purpose, we activated the comments box below this article!

We recommend our readers, who do not have a DKB-account yet, to open the account through the depot, because:

  • the probability of a successful account opening is the same or higher (but it no case worse),
  • one receives a good securities depot right away and dealing with it could be a good introduction into the building and development of asset (even if one does not use the depot, it remains free of charge),
  • from the perspective of the bank, one is a “more valuable” customer with two products than just with a current account.

With the account opening, you receive permanently free of charge:

  • current account
  • depot account
  • call money account (Visa-Savings)
DKB Girocard
DKB Visa Card
Visa Card
free cash worldwide free of charge
… and a lot more! See here or for an easier discovery of the bank and account, the DKB video course.

“Yes, become a DKB-customer now …”

Only open the current account?

As a customer, one has no disadvantage at the current account opening through the DKB-Broker, however, it could be advantageous!

3 crucial tips for a successful account opening:
Income State all income (also additinoal income, as long as it is on a regular basis) sumed up.
The amount of the monthly income plays an important role in the creditworthiness rating. The bank does not expect particularly high numbers, however, it wants to see whether there is enough money for living and using the credit card.
Age Teenanagers should not wait until the 18th birthday, but open through the parents, see also this article.
Unfortunately, it is often the case for young people that the account opening is rejected, because they do not have sufficient income or none at all during the time of school and their professional start/university studies and they did not have the time to build an according score at the Schufa.
Place of residence In order to become a customer at the DKB, one needs a place of residence in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.
Exceptions only apply to German expatriates … sometimes it is necessary to open a current account in Germany from abroad. The trick with the eventually easier account opening through the DKB-Broker does not work with a place of residence and taxability in the USA and Canada. In these cases please only open the current account.
Open the account Let’s start?

Guaranteed account opening?

Please do not forget: there is no guarantee on account opening! Who wants that, should open a current account, which business modell is financed through account management fees, for example, the Onlinekonto of PayCenter, at which an online account opening is possible within two minutes; but it costs monthly fees.

Questions to the DKB account opening?

Please use the comments box for this purpose – here you can also post your experiences with the account opening.

Further articles about the DKB

As a conclusion, the video clip that caused a record of account openings:

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