Instructions in German / English for opening a current account at the ING-DiBa

Open the ING-DiBa bank account

Do you play with the thought of opening the free current account at the ING-DiBa, but you do not know all the details yet? Good!


ING-DiBa-account free of charge!

We have created a step-by-step instruction with pictures for you on how to open the account online successfully.

In further articles, we introduce you into a clever use of account and cards. At the end of each page, you have the possibility to ask questions.

Step 1: open the account application form online

Please go through this link ⇒ directly to the online application and start with the filling.

Step 2: filling the online form

The procedure of account opening is shown to you here picture by picture:

Hinweise zur Kontoeröffnung bei der ING-DiBa

Note on the account opening as a joint account: both account holders must be partners and reside at the same address.

Erklärung zur Kontoeröffnung bei der ING-DiBa (persönliche Daten)

Note at the field birth name: if you have changed your last name in the course of life (e.g. through a marriage), then please state your former family name in this field. If this name stayed the same, then the field remains free.

Kontoeröffnung mit ausländischer Staatsangehörigkeit

Please choose your citizenship in German language. As there are about 200 countries, we cannot show all of them translated.

Kontaktdaten zur Kontoeröffnung eingeben

Note on entering the e-mail address: the e-mail address is necessary for the account opening. The bank will inform you for free about services and products, as well as interesting facts about finances. You can refuse to have contact via e-mail anytime.

Wo sind Sie steuerpflichtig?

Please note that the ING-DiBa currently only opens current accounts, if you have a place of residence / address in Germany. Most often, you are taxable in the city, where you live. However, this is not always the case and therefore you can state the tax-country already at the ING-DiBa account opening.

By clicking on “ÜBERNEHMEN” (submit), you go to the next page:

Angaben zur Bonität bei der Kontoeröffnung

Use our tips for the right filling in the next section.

How to fill the online account application correctly:

  • Field: monthly net income

    The ING-DiBa wants to know, how much money you earn in your job. In the case that you want to apply for a credit line (overdraft facility) on the next page, the bank will ask for a proof of salary anyway. So, it makes sense to take your salary slip and enter the correct amount.

    Lohnabrechnung Deutschland

    Section from a German standard salary slip.

    The ING-DiBa does not accept the following net income: paid children support, Christmas bonus, vacation pay, expenses, other one-time payments.

  • Field: health insurance

    More than 90 per cent of German people have a statutory health insurance. If this also applies to you, then choose “Nein” (no).

    People with private health insurances are often officers, judges, soldiers, employees with a very high income, some self employed persons and partially also foreigners, who are visiting Germany.

  • Field: other income

    Please enter all further income (cashflow) that you receive per month. This could be e.g. salary of a sideline job or rent income, also payments from private supplementary pensions. Income that you do not receive each month (e.g. yearly dividend payments) is converted into a monthly amount. Income from federal child support is not entered here.

Angaben zum Beruf bei der Kontoeröffnung

If you are currently unemployed, then it would be a good idea to open the account at a later point of time. This is the “lowest” position at the creditworthiness check.
The bank is often interested in how long you are already having this professional status. For this, a field for the date opens.
At some professional groups, the ING-DiBa is interested in a further division. These are statistical statements that do not affect at all or almost do not affect the creditworthiness assessment.

By clicking “Übernehmen” (submit) you go to the next page:

Dipsokredit bei Kontoeröffnung

You can find explanations of the statements in the following paragraphs.

  • Overdraft facility

    The ING-DiBa offers you to set up an overdraft facility immediately with the account opening. By this, one means the amount up to where you can go into the red. At the same time, it is the credit line on the Visa Card.

    Due to the statement on the first pages, the bank calculates the maximum possible amount and shows it to you in bold letters.

    You can take this amount and enter it into to field below. If you are satisfied with a lower overdraft facility (e.g. Euros 500), then you state this amount there.

    If you do not want to have a credit line, then do not enter anything into this field.

  • Cards to the account

    With the online account opening, you automatically receive two cards:

    • 1 Girocard
    • 1 Visa Card.

    Both cards are completely free of charge for you. You can read later on this page, how to use them optimally: Cash and cards in an overview.

  • Account management on the Internet

    With the online account opening, you agree to manage the account exclusively online. Bank statements are send to the electronic mailbox. You receive the access data by normal mail.

    You can also take advantage of the phone customer service.

By clicking on “Übernehmen” (submit), you go to the next page:

Please check on the next page, whether your statements were submitted or taken on correctly:

Persönliche Angaben bei der Kontoeröffnung überprüfen

… if you notice a mistake, please click on “ändern” (modify), to correct the entered data.

Consequently, you can agree to the terms and conditions of the bank. Please tick the box. Otherwise, no account can be opened for you.

Online-Kontoeröffnung bei der ING-DiBa

Both boxes must be ticked to open the account!

  • Explanation of the first tick

    By ticking the first box, you confirm that you have the price-performance listing for the current account (you can open and download the documents by clicking on the terms and conditions), as well as the statutory “Einlegerbogen für Anleger” (depositor’s form for investors).

    With the current account, a savings account is automatically opened – called Extra-Konto at the ING-DiBa. On the savings account, there is interest on balance, but not on the current account. Rebookings are possible anytime and free of charge in the online banking and are booked immediately.

    Moreover, you confirm by ticking that you open the account for yourself (not for otheres).

  • Explanation of the second tick

    In Germany, it is common that current accounts and credit cards are recorded at a central office. This is the Schufa, Germany’s biggest information office for creditworthiness assessments. If you want to open a current account at a German bank, then you have to agree to the Schufa-clause.

    The ING-DiBa will query your creditworthiness electronically at the Schufa. If no major negative is recorded about you (e.g. bankruptcy), then the account will be opened immediately after the legitimating in most cases.

    The query at the Schufa takes place creditworthiness-neutrally. That means that you do not have any disadvantages through this. With the account opening, the Schufa notes that you have a current account at the ING-DiBa and how high the credit line is.

    Through your data, you can ask for a free query at the Schufa. We show you here how this works: sample letter for Schufa-query.

If you want to open the account, then you must agree to the terms and conditions and tick the box.

By clicking on “Ausführen” (implement) you go to the next page:

Letzter Teil der Online-Kontoeröffnung Now you can print the application. The first page is an instruction, on how it continues: sign and send it by mail to the ING-DiBa.
If you do not have a printer, then you can let the application documents be sent free of charge by mail to you.
Now, you only have to make the statutory legitimating: then visit a branch office of the German post with the PostIdent-Coupon (see graph) taking with you your ID-card or passport. This has the advantage that one can send the signed application documents at once free of charge.
Alternatively, you can use the modern video-legitimating procedure. Herein, you hold you ID document in front of the video camera


If you have reached this point, then you are done!

In the following days, you will receive several letters of the bank by mail. Account number, access data, cards and PINs.

“Open the account at the ING-DiBa now

Questions on the ING-DiBa-account opening?

My team and I would be glad to help you with your account opening. Please ask your questions on this subject through the comments box at the end of this page. By the way, I myself have a current account at the ING-DiBa since 2008!

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Who writes here?

Someone who gained experience with more than 100 banks in more than 20 countries during the past 15 years. My name is Gregor and if you click to continue you can find out why I am here and what this site is for ⇒ continue.

18 Responses to “Open the ING-DiBa bank account”

  1. Sebastian says:

    Hi my name is Sebastian
    I have one question?
    I would like to open account in ING DiBa in Deutschland
    If I open account hire there’s English version to?
    I live in Augsburg and I try to find a filiale from ING but there’s only the Cash points so I’m not really shure how to open account,
    Any one from you guys can help me ?
    Thank you


    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    • Editorial Team says:

      Hi Sebastian,

      ING-DiBa is a direct bank, and as such, they do not have any local branches. Business (including the account opening) is conducted online. You find the link that takes you to the online form in the article above in Step 1.

      Since ING-DiBa’s main target group is in the German language speaking group, they do not provide an English language online version. But as you can see in the article above, you can find instructions/translations regarding how to fill out the application. Best of luck! 🙂

      VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
  2. estefania says:

    Hi, you mention that:

    Note on the account opening as a joint account: both account holders must be partners and reside at the same address.

    What do you mean by ‘partners’? I have a partner, but we are not married or registered anywhere, do they perform any check on that?
    do they ask that both of us have the same anmeldung?

    Thank you!

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    • Gregor says:

      You don’t need to be married to get a joint account, and this status is not checked either. There are constellations where, for example, a child opens a joint account with a parent, or several people in a flat-sharing community do. What is important for a successful joint account opening is that all account owners reside at the same address, as in are officially registered there. On German ID cards, the address is stated on the back, and foreign citizens have a “Meldebestätigung” (proof of residence). Best of luck for the account opening.

      VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
  3. Rachel says:

    Hi Gregor, I just register my address in Germany as move in. Previously I live in another Schengen country as non EU. I just open a new ING-DiBa account online, and state that I live in the German address less than 2 years, so I must provide my previous address in another Schengen country. Then I proof my passport to post office nearby.
    My questions are:
    – Will I receive the Giro and Visa Card by post after this ID verification step?
    – Is there any further clarification from ING Bank, let say about my income/job or residence permit?
    – How long does it take to receive the letters containing account number, Giro and Visa cards?


    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    • Gregor says:

      The mailing of cards is done via the actual account opening by the bank. When you apply for an account opening, the bank checks, whether the account opening is possible, and then the cards are mailed out.

      For security reasons, the mail is sent in divided parts. Within two weeks you should get all letters und have an account ready to use. Enjoy discovering your new bank!

      VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
  4. John says:

    I have recently moved to Germany from the UK and the ING Bank account seems to fit my needs.
    However, having stated that I have only recently moved into my address the form then asks me to inform them of a previous German address. Obviously this is not applicable because I have not previously lived in Germany but it will not let me proceed without filling this section in.
    Is it still possible to open an account as someone who has not lived in Germany for very long?

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    • Editorial Team says:

      In that special case, your application online might not work the usual way. It is best to contact the bank’s customer service by phone in order to find a solution.

      VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
  5. Samuel says:

    Hi, I’m Samuel Isibor
    Please I have been trying to open a self account not a joint account and it’s not working and I just newly be employed to a new company and I am new in Germany and need this account very urgent please tell me what to do thanks.

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    • Editorial Team says:

      When you urgently need a Giro account, open a fee-based Giro account without credit check, for example this one ► online account with immediate account opening. This account is bilingual (German/English).

      Background: Banks with free Giro accounts perform a credit check before opening an account. If you are new in Germany, your credit “history” is missing some important points. This history, you can build bit by bit. A provider or fee-based accounts without a credit line does not care about the history. That is why you get an account there immediately. It is simply about a different entrepreneurial focus.

      VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
  6. Ellen says:


    I have recently moved to Germany, and just completed the Anmeldung a few days ago. Now I’m waiting for my tax ID, and I’m wondering whether the tax ID is required to open an account at ING DiBa or if it would work without it? I would need the bank account as soon as possible, but don’t want my application to get rejected only because of the missing tax ID if it is required. Thanks in advance!

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    • Gregor says:

      The account opening works without a tax ID, too. The tax ID can be submitted later. Best of luck with the account opening, and welcome to Germany.

      VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
  7. Sylvester says:

    I am actually having other bank account (sparkasse) but I wanted to open ING diBa bank account as well and deposit some money into it. I am currently employed and the salary is going in my sparkasse bank account.

    Is this possible for me to open IngDiba account in this case? What should I fill in the income field when opening Ing diba account since my salary is on other bank?


    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    • Martin says:

      Hi Sylvester, nice name. In the income field state the numbers from your salary statement. As far as I know, an Ing-Diba account opening does not require that your salary goes into the ING account.

      VN:F [1.9.22_1171]
  8. Fiona says:

    Hi, my husband and I are looking to switch bank accounts and considering ING DiBa. However, he is a freelancer (Freiberufler/Selbstständige) and so gets paid when his invoices are paid, which is normally monthly, but can vary both in frequency and amount. Are we best contacting ING DiBa customer service if we want to apply, or is there a way to complete the online form using yearly turnover (for example)? Thanks for your help 🙂

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    • Gregor says:

      It’s best to start by completing the online application. If you need assistance, you can additionally call the bank’s customer service. They surely you will be happy to accompany you through the application. Maybe even our translation and presentation of the process will do?

      VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
  9. Ouissal says:

    I have created a new account, did the Postident verification and sent the application by mail to ING but I didn’t sign it. Is that an issue? Would I need to resend it again?
    Thank you

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    • Gregor says:

      A bank account agreement is only valid if it is signed. This should answer the rest of your question, too. 😉

      VA:F [1.9.22_1171]

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