Which credit card is the right for me?

Credit card consulting:
Barclaycard, Advanzia or DKB?

Do you want a new credit card? In any case free of charge? Take it on journeys?

Then please watch this video clip, which was created due to a reader’s request:

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Performance / Price Barclaycard New VisaBarclaycard New Visa Gebührenfrei MasterCard GoldGebührenfrei MasterCard Gold DKB Visa CardDKB Visa Card
Annual fee free of charge
withdraw cash free of charge
But: 1.99 % foreign transaction fee outside the Euro-area Loan interest from the day of withdrawal no but
500 € per day 1,000 € per day
Card payment free of charge
But: 1.99 % foreign transaction fee outside the Euro-area no but Cancellation of the foreign transaction fee from the 1st of December 2016
Overdraft facility at card application initially from 500 to 3,000 €, increase through the card use or deposits initially from 500 to 3,000 €, increase through card use initially from 100 to 1,000 €, increase through salary transfer or deposits
maximum possible overdraft facility five digits five digits 15,000 €
Help and service in emergency
emergency card abroad (48 hours) yes, free of charge yes, free of charge yes, free of charge
Replacement card
delivery to the abroad
yes, fees depending on efford, but at least 10.50 € no yes, 25 € courier costs
Emergency cash abroad (48 hours) yes, fee calculation same as cash withdrawal no yes, free of charge from the 1st of December 2016
Further information and card application
frequently read articles 4 things that make sense Between clever use and danger DKB Visa Card in the use abroad
Card application Weiter zu Barclaycard
Weiter zur Advanzia Bank („Gebührenfrei MasterCard“)
Weiter zur DKB

Quite frankly …

In which form can I provide you with my uncountable credit card experiences and the practical knowledge of the past 15 years, in order for you to dispose of it efficiently and choose the most appropriate credit card for you?

Lately, I have dealt with this thought intensively. I would be grateful for ideas and suggestions through the comments box. 🙂 Thank you!

The fairy tale of the “best” credit card!

There is nobest” credit card. Not even the bunch of test seals on the application pages of the banks can change that!

Perhaps you have noticed that almost every bank or every credit card company advertises with a test seal, which should apparently proof that their credit card is the best.

The truth is:

There are many good credit card offers – but there is no “egg-laying milk-bearing wool-pig” among the credit cards. Some cards fit better or even perfect to your requirements, others may not. However, somebody else will find them useful …

Every bank or every credit card company must earn money, in order to sustain a good offering. The money is earned through the customer. So, through you, if you already have and use one or more credit cards.

Perhaps you have also noticed that the providers apparently try to earn money through the customer at different points. One can recognize this from the different conditions.

So that you do not have to search for long, we have created a summary for you here …

The credit card providers earn money through you, by:

  • Barclaycard (New Visa)
    selling additional insurances and the foreign transaction fee.
  • Advanzia Bank (Gebührenfrei MasterCard Gold)
    comparably high loan interest at instalments or cash withdrawals.
  • Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB Visa Card)
    further products, e.g. DKB Privatkredit (private loan), DKB Broker.

This is, of course, completely okay! In the end, we smart bank customers can choose freely, for which credit card we apply and how we use it.

I know from many readers or our committed community that they have several credit cards and use them selectively. I have heard of nice examples, how several credit cards can be combined in the use, so that one can speak of a very clever usage behaviour.

Help other bank customers!

… by reporting of your credit card use through the comments box and with ideas, suggestions and experiences contribute for the benefit of the whole community.

Feel free to use the comments box. My team, me and possibly one or more frequent readers would be happy to help.


Among the first 10 comment-writers, I raffle 5 × the printed version of our current “Smart Bank Customer Guide” with metal loops. This is perfect to keep it in the bank folder after reading. I want to thank you for your commitment beforehand!

Further pages about credit cards on this special portal:

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