Open a free current account without minimum transfer

Commerzbank: € 200 for new customers!

… moreover, you even get better conditions, if you open the account online!

In the past days, quite a lot of subscribers have contacted me and asked, what I think of this offering:

Commerzbank Girokonto mit Startguthaben

A very expensive offering of the bank in order to get new customers until the end of the year:

The conditions are indeed tempting:

  • free online current account with supplement through branch offices
  • no minimum transfer / no salary transfer for the cost freedom at the online application
    At account openings in the branch office, a minimum transfer of Euros 1,200 is required, otherwise it will be subject to Euros 9.90 per month.
  • fee-free cash through 9,000 Cash-Group-ATMs in Germany
  • free Girocard
  • Account opening possible through video-legitimating or PostIdent
  • € 200 as a gift!
    As an account balance at active use after 3 months. For the active use, there must be 5 account transfers of Euro 25 per month. The transfer of salary is not necessary!

You can find further details and the possibility of opening the account here ►

Is this something for us?

At first sight, I recognized that this should be especially interesting for customers of Sparkasse and Volksbanks, as well as other big private banks. There, the account management fees have been increased partially considerably in the past months and the willingness to switching increased a lot.

Additionally, these customers get a similar (habitual service offering), only with the difference that they do not have to pay any account management fees for it.

For current Sparkasse- / Volksbank- / major bank-customers, this is a very good offer for account switching.

… and for us smart bank customers?

I rather take a critial look at it: every new opening of a current account is registered at the Schufa. At two or three current accounts, it does not matter. But I would not recommend more than five accounts regarding the creation of a top score!

Moreover, from my point of view, the offer and service of our best current accounts are a lot better. Especially concerning the cash supply and use abroad.

A credit card is not a standard supply at the Commerzbank, but it can be ordered as an additional product from Euros 39.90 per year.

Perhaps as a secondary account with branch office option?

Who insinuates this question
is maybe thinking of the Euros 200 initial balance, isn’t it so?
yes, why not. Please make this decision entirely on your own personal behalf!

For you, I have investigated, how the thing with the initial balance works:

Unfortunately, it won’t be an additional Christmas money, as the credit only takes place after using the account actively for three months. So at least five transactions of more than Euros 25 per month.

These “rules of the game” can easily be implemented and if you do that, you can look forward to a credit of Euros 200 at the end of March / beginning of April!

What is the particular good thing about this offering?

The Commerzbank pins it’s hope on the public offer of a reward of Euros 200 on volutariness!

You do not have to (!) switch your current account and salary transfer to this account.

It is about really using the account in order to gain experience with the bank. Therefore, you can try the Commerzbank comprehensively and then decide, whether you want to switch with your current account or stay with your former current account and take the Commerzbank as an additional bank.

This is really fair!

Moreover, I always recommend our readers to have at least two good current account holding banks! More about this subject in further articles!

Will you open the account and get the € 200?

Please write me through the comments feature. I am thrilled to read your opinion and action, many thanks!

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Summary in a video clip for you (German):

“Open free current account”

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6 Responses to “Commerzbank: € 200 for new customers!”

  1. joe says:

    Can you open the account from abroad?
    Also, is it possible for the video ident procedure to be done in English?
    Thanks for letting us know!
    Keep up the good work!

    • Gregor says:

      Sadly no. This bank offer the free account for people located in Germany. Maybe you can speak with the bank in English, but the official language for this product is German. Our banks are not so international, but we work on it to find and develop better offers. 😉

  2. Anie says:


    Is this offer still valid? Or something similar?


    • Gregor says:

      Simply click on the link above that is leading to be bank. Currently it is a starter’s amount of 100 Euro.

  3. Ajay says:

    Can we transfer 25 Euros, 5 times to friends account every month? Is it a valid transaction to be counted to get 100 Euro bonus?

  4. Humaira says:

    Hi. I just opened a Startkonto in Commerzbank. I also activated online banking and photoTAN and everything. When shall I get the 100 Euro starter’s amount? What should I do to get it?

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