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Amazon VISA: The best card for Germany and the Euro-zone?

Amazon Visa Card

Guest article by Peter

Let’s be honest: Probably everyone has seen the advertising for the Amazon VISA Card at the „Checkout“. When the card was offered with an initial bonus of € 70 for Prime customers, I have taken advantage of it in October 2018 and have ordered the card for me.

Issuer is the Landesbank Berlin (LBB), which has been known for the cards of the ADAC and formerly of airBerlin.

But why have I ordered the card?

Let’s start with the price listing (excerpt):

Konditionen der Amazon Visa Card

What catches our attention?

The card is especially interesting for Amazon Prime customers out of several reasons:

  • you get a permanently free VISA Card including partner card
  • converted 3% Cashback for purchases on Amazon
  • very high ATM limit
  • emergency and replacement cards are free of charge
  • automized complete payment of the settlement (!)

… by the way: the service is 24h available by phone.

Amazon Visa Card: The application

The application takes place directly through the webpage of Amazon. You already have to be registered as an Amazon customer.

Amazon Visa Card beantragen

Just go through the procedure and you will have your Amazon Visa Card in your mailbox soon!

  • Choose „Vollzahlung“ (complete payment) in the application form, so that no high costs incur due to smaller settlement amounts. Then the amount will be automatically debited to 100% from the reference account that you state.
  • Moreover, you can choose a motive for the card. You can change it later on paying an amount of € 2.99.
  • After a positive initial evaluation, the card is consigned with a limit of ~€ 200 in the Amazon account and you can directly profit from the „Cashback“. Interesting thing!

Important: Consigning the card in the Amazon account is no final decision on the reception of the card, which is why the limit is initially very low.

Reception of the Amazon card

The card arrives about one week after the application and can be used immediately, if the identification through PostIdent or VideoIdent has already been made.

In the letter with the card, the limit of the card is mentioned. In my case, this was € 1,800.

The card can immediately be used; only the signature is necessary for payments!

Therefore, this card is particularly intersting for people, who need a credit card in the short-term, as the whole procedure truly is very fast.

Faster than other credit cards!

PIN is freely selectable

The PIN can be selected by using the initial telephone PIN sent to you. You can choose your PIN through this. It arrives about one week after receiving the card.

The PIN should be selected in any case. This is increasingly also used for common machines besides ATMs, such as ticket machines, gas machines or self service terminals in fast food restaurants.

Online card account

In the online card account, you can retrieve the transactions, as well as bills of the credit card. The password for the access is sent automatically.

The biggest flaw is the card account; this indeed is a little „antique“. Transactions with the credit card are not directly shown there. This only takes place at the booking day.

Amazon Visa Card Kartenumsätze

This is the weak point – acceptable?

Limit development of the credit card

An increase of the limit takes place either automatically or through a short e-mail to the customer service. The response time is very exemplary and is most often less than 24 hours.

After 6 months, I was able to increase the limit from € 1,800 to € 3,000 through the customer service.

Proof in the form of salary slips were not necessary in my case. In August, I was again able to increase the credit card limit from € 3,000 to € 4,000.

The card limit can additionally be increased for a certain period of time. You can choose as a reason e.g. „Urlaub“ (vacation).

It seems that the card limit is trainable!

I would be grateful for experiences of other Amazon customers through the comments feature. Such experiences and advices help our community as a whole. Thank you very much!

Further unique features:

  • Exchange of the card for a PIN card

    If desired, the LBB exchanges the credit card for a „PIN First“ credit card, which always requires the PIN when paying at card terminals. Therefore, the customer can choose with which he/she prefers to pay. Up to this point, I do not know of any other German bank that offers this possibility!

  • Free selection of the settlement date

    A short call at the service center is enough and you can adjust the settlement date of the card. Herein you are able to choose the desired date. I personally have chosen the end of the month. Therefore, it is only debited, when the salary is in the account. Perhaps this is a small inspiration for others!

  • Definition of an Internet limit

    You can also determine a limit for Internet payments through the service center. If this security aspect is particularly important to you, you can determine any limit you want. Of course, you can also completely deactivate Internet payments, however, I think that this is not really meaningful for this type of card model.

About the author

Peter is a 20 years old University student from Bonn and works at a big German private bank in IT. He observes modern financial products since years.

Further advantages for us from the perspective of Amazon:

Vorteile der Amazon Visa Card

The initial bonus can sometimes be more, sometimes less – but honestly: the permanently great components are more important ► www.amazon.de

Further credit cards for smart bank customers:

Final note: The Amazon Visa Card presented in this article can only be applied for with a place of residence in Germany.

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  1. Carmelo says:

    Hi Peter,
    Good article!
    I’m looking for a VISA credit card.
    I’m an Amazon prime member, if I had to choose between the Amazon card and the GenialCard by Hanseatic, which one would you recommend?

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