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… smart and climate-neutrally!

We as human beings produce CO2 by breathing. Factories do that too, however, in substantially higher volume than a single person.

Some leading scientists have defined the higher CO2-emission as the responsible cause for the climate change.

Go Green Deutsche Post

This was our former approach, but now we have found something better!

Politics has reacted to this almost worldwide and supports actions for the CO2-reduction. As a consequence, new business models have been created.

Climate-awareness is important today!

For example, one can send the mail climate-neutrally … and the latest thing that I have seen, is a chocolate, where 0.2 seedlings are planted at each purchase.

All these projects have one thing in common:

They work according to the donation principle. One spends money in order to compensate the emerging CO2-emission.

It is compensated by planting trees. The CO2 is stored in the trees. With this, the goal is reached. There are certificates that one can hang on the wall or stick onto one’s products.

Grünes Klima Paraguay

These trees take the CO2 for us and store it.

Why shouldn’t one harvest the ripe tree?

Wood is a highly demanded commodity

It has never made any sense to me that expensive forests are planted through public or private commitment, while one is deforesting diligently, partially using brutal methods.

This is an unhealthy cycle! It makes the big money for ruthless forest killers and the damage is counterbalanced by the whole of others.

It can be done “smarter”

Another, much smarter path is walked by Miller Forest from the Swabian Schlier … and you will comprehend in a second, why we have decided for Miller Forest to balance our CO2-emission!

Miller Forest is planting trees on fields as you usually know it from crop plants.

The difference: wheat that is sown in spring is ripe for harvest in late summer. The trees that is planted today, can be harvested in 16–20 years.

Aren’t 16–20 years a little short?

In Germany yes, as trees grow slower due to climatical conditions compared to other regions in the world. Miller Forest has decided to plant the tree fields in Paraguay, because of:

  • much faster growth
    In this subtropical climate, the trees grow about 4-times as fast (= CO2 is bound 4-times as fast too).
  • low prices
    The land prices, as well as the salaries for the currently about 250 employees, are significantly lower than in Germany. Moreover, a positive economical cycle is tackled with the investments of this region of week structure.
  • The climate is global
    Due to the climate change, we can stop to think only nationally, as it is a matter of all continents. For the same amount of money, one can make a much bigger difference in other regions.
Feld mit Bäumen

Field with trees. Even some cows can live here too.

How do I know how many trees have to be planted?

The number is determined by your statements in a questionary by Miller Forest. In our case, it was the office, the server for the website, the general energy consumption, the car trips, and of course, my frequent and long flight journeys.

My decision

I have decided to compensate the through me created CO2-emission by purchasing Miller-trees each year.

This decision has been easy for me after a close examination of the company (visit of the company seat in Baden-Württemberg and inspection of the plantation land on site in Paraguay) – because in contrast to the common balance projects, I own the trees.

This is a very crucial difference!

As soon as the trees have grown to its maturity, they are harvested and, being the owner of the trees, the mayority of the crop yield is transferred to my account.

First payments also take place during the term, whenever one can harvest a little.

This is necessary in order to create more space and light for the growth of stronger trees. As common in forestry, one is planting densly and after some years, one can pinch out.

After 16–20 years, the field is ripe for harvest. This brings the highest cash return. Afterwards, the cycle can start again.

Setzling von Miller Forest

Seedling in nursury. In the picture on the left side: Ringo, friend and entrepreneur, who will also have a climate-neutral company after his Paraguay-trip.

And what happens to the wood?

Durable wood products will be created from this wood. For example veneers, doors, furniture and the like.

The great thing about it: For this, no trees from a natural forest have to be sacrificed – wood is needed anyway -, but from trees especially planted on fields for the CO2-reduction.

This ecologically meaningful investment, capital investment, can be made by everyone from Euros 970.

The information broschure can be requested directly at the Miller Forest Investment AG ( or through our order form (this would be the best option, because I have promised on site in Paraguay that I will report on this in Germany, so that even more people will find out about this meaningful possibility, participate in it and possibly take a look at the trees on site in Paraguay too).

They have promised me in return that they will prepare themselves to be able to plant and care for even many more trees.

In order to keep my promise, I myself will pay travel vouchers for the investors-tour. In what amount? Please take a look here: Limited offer.


The information and investors trip through Paraguay was a very thrilling experience in my life that I would not want to miss. Are we able to send another smart bank customer on an own tour soon? Up front for you, the trip report.

Are you an entrepreneur?

Then you are perhaps also interested in finding out, how this investment in the environment can perfectly be deducted as an operating expenditure? Prepared here for you: Miller Forest with bonus for entrepreneurs.

Moreover, you are programing with each year in which you compensate your CO2-emission with Miller-trees, Cashflow for the future.

Yield flows back into your business always at the harvest season.

This could be especially interesting – also fiscally – for people, who plan to retire in later years. There will be yield from the sale of wood each year.

Zertifikat „grünes Klima“

For your commitment, you will be issued the certificate “grünes Klima” (green climate) and you can also advertise with it.

Your opinion?

What do you think of our commitment? I would be grateful for a rating through the star-feature, as well as through the comments box.

Here, you are welcome to ask questions or report that you have also bought Miller-trees due to our published report.

Honestly, this would be the most beautiful feedback, which I will forward to the people on site, who care for the trees. Many thanks!

Do not forget: Request the information broschure free of charge and non-bindingly!

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