The most awesome MasterCard of the world is free:

Number26: transparent MasterCard

Today, I offer you just a quick update on the opening of the new current account of number26 with MasterCard (both free of charge).

Please watch the short video (commentary in German language) … I am eager to know what you think of this transparent credit card. The comments box is available for you.

Forgotten are the challenges that I experienced when applying at number26 – such an awesome design compensates for everything.

I have also got feedback that the account openings of other people have worked very well and have triggered a lot of happiness!

Questions on the account and credit card of number26?

… will be answered gladly via the comments box by our editors or myself. There and in further articles and clips, more experiences and tips about number26 will be published. This new provider is now within the top of our list of banks observed by us.

At this point, one should allow the following: You really have made a great job, number26! Thank you a lot for this!

“N26 implements fees for withdrawals”

… open a better – really free – account with Visa Card!

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3 Responses to “Number26: transparent MasterCard”

  1. Lesly says:

    Hi, I do not live in Europe and I do not have a German address where I can receive any mail.
    What are the possibilities to open an account with Number26.
    Thanks in advance

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  2. Lukasz says:

    do you know if it is possible to have two or more accounts at N26, that could be accesed from an app?

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