Reader’s question answered through video

Today in the video, I am answering some question of our reader Thomas, who dealt intensively with the smart use of the DKB-account.

I am sure that the questions and answers will be thrilling and useful for many people. Moreover, you will experience me in another environment, as I am currently on a research-trip in Paraguay.

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Note for a better comprehension

Almost all of our smart readers know it: we do not give advice, but present some of the best accounts from our point of view and show how one can use them skillfully.

That means: please do not expect long answers by mail, only because you wrote a long e-mail yourself. Just like all frequently visited websites, we receive a three-digit number of e-mails every single day – not only reader’s feedback.

Not only because of the limited time, but also, because we do not offer counseling – editorials generally do not do that -, we cannot go into personal details that the writer imagined.

3 solution possibilities:

  • Comments feature
    If your question fits exactly to the subject of the article, then you are free to ask it through the comments feature. We are thankful that many smart bank customers, who are poised to exchange through the comments feature, help others with ideas and experiences. Many, many thanks to all committed participants!
  • Financial education
    One of the best investions – timely as well as financially – is reading technical books. Perhaps you know that from one of the YouTube-video clips: I have a library of more than 1,000 books of which I have read most. If you are unsure with which book you should start or continue, you can take a look at the resource list.
  • Financial consulting
    There are also people, who cannot or do not want to build their financial education – they only search for a quick solution. If the comments box (solution idea 1) is not suitable from the complexity of the question or the personal background, then one can get the professional advice of a financial advisor. They exist for this purpose.

Questions and answers to the DKB

The DKB is one of the most-explained banks on our special portal. As long as it is no personal consulting, we, the editorial, would be happy to answer your questions through the comments feature.

Perhaps there is already an elaborate instruction to the question. These pages about the DKB are often read and commented:

How will it continue?

Already on the trip to Paraguay, I have recorded two video clips at the airport Frankfurt. The goal is to finish at least this video and article completely until next Sunday.

You can look forward to it, because what I am now preparing for you, has not been yet shown in detail and the second clip has been created through a new discovery. This is virtually an unplanned bonus. 🙂

Additionally, there will be a trip-report …

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