Whoever understands it, will love the …

… Comdirect Current Account!

One can really fall in love with the Comdirect bank account, when knowing and appreciating all features and possibilities. The most important ones are summarized here for you. But first of all, an overview of the basic data:

Free Current Account with Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Account management and bookings are always free of charge with no minimum cash flow
  • tax-free cash supply within Germany from 9,000 ATMs
  • tax-free cash supply abroad from 1,900,000 ATMs
  • Account application is possible online

Go directly to the info-page of the bank: www.comdirect.de

Current Account usable as Primary or Secondary Account

Regardless the use, Comdirect never charges fees for the account management. Neither salary nor minimum cash flow is stipulated, as known from other banks.

Thanks to the many Account Features and the possibilities to combine with credit card, call money and securities account, one may use Comdirect as a main bank.

Equally well is its usage as a Secondary Account. We know a customer, who uses his Comdirect account as a vacation account. He is saving money frequently and deposits it on this account. With his free VISA credit card, he can then withdraw the money from any ATM in any holiday destination.

How to always withdraw cash for free

Two cards are included in the account:

  • one Girocard (formerly known as EC-card)
  • one VISA Card (credit card).

How to smartly use these cards to never pay any fees for withdrawing from ATMs is shown in this video (in German language):

Tip: The VISA credit card is charged on the current account every Monday. Should you ever fall into overdraft, then you may pay on Tuesdays with the VISA credit card and save one week on interest rates.

Saving 10 % “interest“ with cash float

Comdirect rewards the usage of the VISA Card additionally through their own system “Wechselsparen“ (cash float saving). This video will show you how it works:

Cash can also be deposited free of charge

Cash deposits, for example due to cash gifts or garage sales, are the weak spot of most direct banks. Comdirect is offering a truly elegant solution:

Simply visit the nearest branch office of the Commerzbank, put your money on the counter and tell your account number. The bankers of the Commerzbank will receive the money and deposit it on the Comdirect current account on the same day and without any fees account.

This also works with call money, securities accounts or junior accounts. Background: The Commerzbank owns around 80 percent of the Comdirect shares.

Account Opening the easy way

You can see how simple it is to open a current account at the Comdirect in the following clip:

“Apply Now for a Comdirect Account”

PS: Satisfaction Guarantee works

At more than 1,000 new applications for account opening daily, mistakes can happen. Comdirect knows that too. This was the case for Sascha Niedung, one of our regular bank testers. Several unfortunate circumstances combined to a series of problems.

Sascha Niedung

Sascha Niedung

“Amazingly, Euro 50 were deposited as a second satisfaction bonus on my current account on the following day.“

As a new customer, he was unsatisfied and asked himself, whether Comdirect is the right bank for him. He canceled the account and received another Euro 50 bonus as a farewell. This way he “earned” Euro 100 at the Comdirect.

Accessibility of the Bank

Comdirect Bank AG
Pascalkehre 15 in 25451 Quick Born (north of Hamburg) 
Phone number for interested parties: 04106.7088 
Phone number of the customer service: 04106.7082500 
(24 hours a day, 365 days a year)

E-mail address for general questions: info@comdirect.de 
Internet: www.comdirect.de

Conclusion: The account at the Comdirect is definitely one of the best offers in the field of online current accounts.

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Who writes here?

Someone who has helped more than 100,000 people to obtain a new bank account in the past 7 years. My name is Tanja and if you continue reading, you will find out why I and this page exist ⇒ read more.

2 Responses to “… Comdirect Current Account!”

  1. Jonathan Williams says:

    Hi. I am hoping to open a comDirect account, travelling to Germany next week when I will get the PostIdent coupon completed. If I have a UK passport, is there any other ID that I will need at a postoffice? What about tax number?
    As I understand it, I complete the application form, then take everything to a postoffice where they complete the PostIdent, and they send the whole form back to comDirect? Is that correct?

    • Tanja says:

      Yes, you can do this in this way. You don’t need a tax number, if you live outside from Germany. A UK passport will be okay for most post offices. Problems with foreign ID documents are very rar.

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