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Comdirect changes price list … How you can still withdraw cash free of charge!

In the video clip, we explain what changes when withdrawing money and with which card you can continue to withdraw cash free of charge:

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Where you use which card in the future (from 15th of February 2016)::

  Comdirect Girocard
Comdirect Visa Card
Visa Card
  • free of charge

(at all ATMs of the CashGroup)

  • subject to charge
European Union +3
(Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary , United Kingdom, Cyprus)
Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland
  • free of charge
  • subject to charge
Rest of the world
e. g. Switzerland, USA, Canada, Thailand, Australia (virtually all countries that were not mentioned above)
  • subject to charge
  • free of charge
Comdirect Girocard
Visa Card
Comdirect Visa Card

You see: there is always a free way to withdraw money!

Note: Girocard for withdrawals within the EU+3,
Visa credit card for the rest of the world!

Why did the Comdirect change the price list in this manner?

The reason is the EU price regulation, which loosely translated states that the conditions within the European Union must be the same.

Was there any other major change?

Yes! Depositing cash through the branch offices or machines of the Commerzbank will be only 3 times per year free of charge. Every deposit beyond will be subject to a fee of Euros 1.90.

Background: The Commerzbank issues an invoice to the Comdirect on every deposit. The Comdirect has borne this fee for us customers.

It will continue to do that, if we make cash deposits only occasionally (up to 3 times per year). This includes about 99 per cent of all customers!

Change does not affect 99 % of customers!

However, there is also a customer group, which has transformed the current account to less accordance with the bank …

The Comdirect has been a pure private customer bank. For private persons, only rarely the need immerses, in statistical terms, that one has to deposit cash. Mainly only cash withdrawals are required.

Exactly the opposite applies to many self-employed, freelancers and entrepreneurs: they earn cash and must deposit this at the bank. Business accounts at local banks often cost outrageously high fees and therefore it was obvious to transform the use of the private Comdirect account.

The Comdirect wants to prevent this.

Perhaps it will offer free business accounts in the future; the cash deposit will then certainly be priced fairly, as external costs actually incur.

We will keep you up to date about the development on this special portal!

3 × per year free of charge … did you know or use this before?

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Questions or additions about the change of the price list?

Please feel free to use the comments box for this at the end of the page 🙂 Thank you!

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PS: Please feel free to forward the link of this page to other Comdirect customers. 🙂 That might be useful in many cases (we already received some informative up to upset messages regarding the changes of the price list). One could easily misunderstand the publication of the Comdirect, when only browsing it briefly.

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3 Responses to “Comdirect changes price list … How you can still withdraw cash free of charge!”

  1. Rahul Grover says:

    Dear Gregor,

    I currently have an account with the comdirect and I’m planning to a trip to the UK. I wanted to know from which ATMs can I withdraw money with my Girocard free of charge? Are there any specific bank ATMs or is it kostenlos for all the ATMs outside Germany.

  2. Ajay Pal says:

    Please update this article. I have been charged additional money(€9.9) with my Giro Card in Hungary and Poland.(in August 2017)


    • Editorial Team says:

      You can always find reliable price information in the bank’s list of prices and services (Preis- und Leistungsverzeichnis) – and therefore should of course always check the most current one. This here is an old article (see date above), reflecting the then-current status from the can current list of prices and services.

      Nowadays it is so, that all withdrawals with the GiroCard outside Germany are free of charge, as far as Comdirect charges are concerned. For withdrawals in a foreign currency, it’s the Visa Card.

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