For all customers of DKB and those who wish to become such:

The Berlin TV Tower: Free admission!

You should not miss the Berlin TV Tower when visiting Berlin. Under good weather conditions you can view up to 80 km far – that’s virtually the whole city!

Berlin TV Tower and DKB Visa Card

The Berlin TV Tower and your free ticket …

How much is a ticket for the TV Tower?

For you as the owner of a DKB Visa Card: nothing!

Indeed, it’s true. All customers of DKB – whether domestic or international – receive free admission for the Berlin TV Tower. On this site I will describe how it works. In case you do not own a DKB Visa Card yet you may want to take a look at the page with the “11 most important advantages”.

For the sake of completeness: Naturally, the DKB Visa Card is also free!

The Berlin TV Tower is a DKB Special

DKB is driving something like a customer retention scheme although the DKB account along with Visa Card is free. This includes DKB Online-Cashback, DKB CityCashback and DKB Special.

For the DKB Special the DKB Visa Card becomes the ticket. Generally this only includes sports events DKB sponsors. But the Berlin TV Tower is game as well! For me it is a special highlight not to miss.

DKB Visa Card is the ticket for the Berlin TV Tower

Excerpt of the program DKB CityCashback / DKB Special.

Information regarding the Berlin TV Tower

The TV Tower in the heart of the German capital is the highest building of the country featuring 368 meters. Since October 3rd 1969 two levels are open to visitors.

An elevator brings you to 203 meters height in only 40 seconds. Here you will find the observation deck, a bar and the washrooms. A maximum of 150 persons is allowed on this level. This way enough space at the windowpanes is ensured to discover Berlin from above and take pictures.

The restaurant is located one level higher – at 207 meters. 200 guests can eat, drink and enjoy at the same time.

Berlin TV Tower

The Berlin TV Tower, nothing if not a highlight and a monument of the German capital. Thanks to the DKB Visa Card it is free for you!

Always a good seat in the restaurant!

As you will see in this short extract of a video the restaurant turns on its own axis thanks to the technical masterpiece.

For example you can take a seat and look down at the Potsdamer Platz. The friendly waiter or waitress comes and hands you the menu. After ordering you look up seeing the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag in front of you. While eating you see the Hackesche Höfe. You order the dessert looking at Alexanderplatz and the last drop of wine you enjoy overlooking the river Spree and Oberbaumbrücke.

For a 360 degree turn the tower’s restaurant needs one hour. (For closed events the speed can be doubled so you experience a full turn in 30 minutes.)

I recommend you staying in the restaurant for at least two hours because you will discover so many new things you overlooked the first time. TV Tower and restaurant are both open until midnight daily!

Free Admission: This is how it Works

On the ground level there are ticket machines. You can pass these. Go to the cash desk for cash payments and present your DKB Visa Card. You will receive a free ticket from paper (this one is necessary for the scanner at the safety check).

Current restriction: At the moment admission with the DKB Visa Card is free from 6 pm only. In fact this is an advantage: In the evening you do not have to queue that long. You see, only 350 persons maximum can go up at the same time (150 panorama level, 200 restaurant).

As an adult you save €12.50 on each visit. For a five-member family it’s already €49!

A family saves up to €49 per visit!

If you want to visit the Berlin TV Tower for free with your whole family you proceed like this:

  1. Apply for your own DKB Visa Card (if not yet existing).
  2. Apply for a free DKB Partner-Card (if not yet existing).
  3. Up to three children are entitled to accompany one adult owner of a DKB card for free. The regular ticket rate for children between 4 and 18 years of age is €8. Babies and toddlers get in for free anyway. Alternatively, children can get an own Visa Card (pre-paid) from the bank thanks to DKB Cash u18. More information in another article on this technical site.
Entrance fees of the Berlin TV Tower

For comparison purposes I took a picture of the price board in the lounge. Effective 2/2014.


The DKB Visa Card is accepted as ticket at the cash desks of the Berlin TV Tower. This way you can visit the Tower for free. Up to three children per card owner get in for free as well.

The Visa Card is free, too, but you already knew that.

Please remember the free entry is valid daily, but not at any time. When I visited the TV Tower admission was free from 6 pm on. Thus you can be up for free for a maximum of 6 hours.

According to bank and tower it is supposed to be like this in the next months, too. There is no guarantee this will be like that forever. Changes in the timeframe can be provided here for other visitors of the Tower in shape of a comment. Thanks for participating!

Eventually, a view of the 360° restaurant …

Berlin TV Tower Restaurant

Great food in an airy atmosphere. By the way, the bill can be paid with your DKB Visa Card. Small photo: View of Alexanderplatz in the snow.

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