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Account opening in Germany from Kuwait

We received a “cry for help” from Maryna, an Italian citizen, who currently has a well paid job in Kuwait. He would like to open a Savings Account in Germany in order to transfer money on a monthly basis.

The challenge was to find a bank in Germany that would agree to an account opening by post and would also meet the current needs of Maryna.

We have found a bank for him that fulfils these requirements and even offers another potential for the customer relationship.

The Solution: Tagesgeld Plus (Call Money) of the Comdirect Bank

Comdirect Bank

The Comdirect Bank is one of the few German banks that offers a postal account opening from most countries of the world.

The German DKB also opens bank accounts for people living abroad, however, since last year almost only for citizens of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, who currently live as expats around the globe.

The Call Money Account of the Comdirect

The call money account, called Tagesgeld PLUS at the Comdirect, is a classic savings account as is popular in Germany:

opening an account from abroad

  • Interest rates depending on the market conditions
  • Entire account balance is available anytime
  • Free account management
  • Quarterly interest credits

The Account Opening

The opening of a call money account is really easy, as no creditworthiness check of the customer is required by the bank. In the end, the customer deposits money in the bank and does neither receive a credit line nor a credit card.

Details on the account opening can be found here: Opening the Comdirect Tagesgeld-PLUS (Call Money) (including a German/English translated application form).

Legitimating from abroad

ID-Formular der Comdirect

ID-form of the Comdirect

As required in (almost) all countries, the unambiguous identification of the customer is also mandatory by law in Germany.

Maryna can do this identification through a notary in Kuwait. He can use the bank’s ID-form (PDF-Download).

This is sent along with the application on account opening to the bank. The account opening application from abroad is also provided through a PDF-document of the bank (link to the form).

That the account opening from Kuwait is possible for an Italian citizen through a notarial confirmation was confirmed to me today by the Comdirect through telephone request.

Interested parties from Germany may apply for the account here:

“Opening the call money account of the Comdirect”

… the first step is the savings account!

Upgrade of the savings account to the current account with Visa credit card

It is smart to start with a savings account and deposit money at the Comdirect account regularly, so that the bank sees that one is a reliable customer.

Finally, the bank has hardly any chance to assess the creditworthiness of abroad customers. This explains why most banks are reluctant when granting immediately a current account with credit card and overdraft facility to foreign customers.

Once you have established a good customer relationship, then this won´t be a problem anymore.
Further information on this topic has been published on the page “Opening a bank account in Germany from abroad”.

The following is also offered to Comdirect customers:

Online Banking with several accounts

Online banking with several Comdirect accounts

  • free Girokonto
  • free Visa Card
  • Securities account with favourable order rates for
  • Securities account with favourable order rates for
    • Shares
    • Funds
    • other securities
    • Savings Plans
  • Securities Loans and financing

Good luck!

On behalf of the entire editorial family, I wish Maryna all the best at the account opening and lasting pleasure with the Comdirect Bank in Germany.

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2 Responses to “Account opening in Germany from Kuwait”

  1. nacer says:

    Hi Tanja,
    I am cameroonian living in madagascar and I want to know if it is possible to open an account in germany for my salary that is paid from switzerland?
    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    • Tanja says:

      Try it! I am not the bank, I can not decide. Many foreigners have a bank account in Germany … there will be ways.

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