Step-by-step Instructions:

Redeem crossed cheque at DKB

Submitting a crossed cheque or a (collection only cheque) at the DKB is very easy. Just follow our simple instructions and soon you will receive your money in your account.

1. Verify whether the cheque is valid

First of all, verify whether the cheque is signed. This is a common mistake. Without the signature of the issuer, the cheque is not valid and cannot be redeemed.

Also, the amount in numbers has to match the amount in words and the details of a bank, from where the money will be deducted, must be stated. This information is automatically printed on almost all cheques.

2. Prepare the crossed cheque for its redemption

You will have to write down your bank account number on the back of the cheque with the note that the cheque should be credited there. Confirm this with your signature.

3. Address an envelope to the DKB

It is enough, if you send the crossed cheque in an envelope without a cover letter to the following address:

10919 Berlin (Germany)

The DKB has its own ZIP code in Berlin. Therefore, there is no street or post office box to be stated.

Please make sure that the crossed cheque cannot be seen through the envelope.

Now, you only have to stick a stamp on the envelope and put it into the nearest mailbox. Done.

A few days later, you will find a line on your bank statement, similar to the following:

crediting crossed check

Credit from redemption of my crossed cheque (dividend from the insurance).

Fees for redeeming a crossed cheque cheque?

Being a DKB customer, you do not pay any fees for the redemption and credit of a cheque. You will only have to bear your personal costs of the envelope and postage.

Predated cheques, cheque returns, crossed cheques on other names, lost cheques and so on … you are welcome to ask any questions about redeeming cheques at the DKB. My team and I would be pleased to help you!

The following sites should be interesting for DKB customers too:

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  1. Amir says:

    Hi There,

    I want to borrow some money from a friend and want to give him something as a Guarantee to him.

    in my country in these Cases we use Cheques. (I write him a check with the same Value but for 6 months later.).
    is there anything similar I can do here ?


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