Aus dem Berater-Netzwerk Bankkonten und Strukturen

Christian Funke, professional consultant

If, next to studying our website, you require personal help in defining and implementing your personal strategy, selecting and opening bank accounts, professional support is at your side.

Christian Funke Beratung

Christian Funke knows all of the accounts we promote and has been implementing structures with customers, both domestically and internationally, for several years.

Possible topics during the consultation session:

  • Understand the banks’ confusing offers.
  • Account, checking account, savings account, portfolio, credit, global credit line are terms you heard before, but you want to know what they mean in detail?
  • Offers sound well, but how do I actually open the account? And how can I use them, in practice, after opening?
  • You want to transfer money to another country, but fees are killing you?
  • You don’t live in Germany or the EU, but an account in the EUR-zone might come in handy anyway, or you consider it more stable?
  • You would like to have an account in another jurisdiction, but you’re not sure if that’s posssible or legal?
  • You need to transfer a large sum to another country, for example to purchase real estate, but fees and exchange rates are non-transparent?

Tailored to your circumstances

During a consultation we typically look at similar and many other questions, according to your individual needs. We first work out the desired result, and then look at products and banks that meet your requirements.

From usually fee-free solutions within Germany, to diversified investment opportunities around the globe, there is definitely something in it for you.

One thing we cannot guarantee is, that the bank will open the account for you. Every bank has a different approach towards accepting or declining new customers. But we have broad experience in maximising the likelihood to be accepted.

The result of our efforts will be an overall package of recommendations, which you can use to achieve your goals.

There is one important limitation: We are not allowed and do not want to give individual investment recommendations. We do not have a crystal ball and do not claim to have one. But we will make sure that your banking requirements will be met, and this as cheaply as possible.

By following the yellow implementation button, you leave the website of DeutschesKonto.ORG and you will be redirected to Christian Funke’s booking website.

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