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Please read carefully …

Currently, we cannot and will not recommend an account opening at Number26 to anyone.

Even if we have accompanied the young start-up editorially in the past 15 months and created many instructions and videos on how to use the account and card optimally.

The need of the hour is: wait on the outline and observe its proceedings. [more information – in German language].

Alternative: Open the DKB-account!

DKB: Hausbank im Internet

A matter of course of the bank ►

The free online current account with Visa Card has been our recommendation #1 continuously since the establishment of this special portal.

Despite its excellent conditions, like the free credit card(s) and even the refund of foreign fees on cash withdrawals abroad, the DKB has a functioning business model. Since the foundation of the bank in 1990, there was only one year in which the bank has not made profits.

Who opens a current account at the DKB can be sure that he/she will also have it in the future.

Here you can find the most important pages about the DKB:

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8 Responses to “Please read carefully …”

  1. Lesly says:

    I live in Curaçao – Netherlands Antilles.
    Can I open an account with the DKB and have my European pension deposited in the bank?


  2. Owen says:

    Does N26 allow for payments in dollars?
    At what fee/charge?

  3. Henri says:

    When will N26 open to Canadians! Please!!

    German banks insist on communicating to you in German but N26 doesn’t mind speaking English! You’ll find Canadians to be great customers. Come on guys!

  4. James Robert says:

    Hallo Gregor und Team!

    I managed to open a new account with N26 last week and it was super quick – even finished the IDnow portion and had a pleasant experience, thanks to the video you posted. I know you recommended against N26 but it’s the only quickest option to get an IBAN number (which I needed last week).

    Anyways, I learned that the new N26 Maestro card is *not* a Girocard (EC), so it looks like I might need to apply for a second Girokonto with ComDirect. As a recently landed American I don’t have any SCHUFA history so I know that will be challenging… so a few questions:

    1. Would my new N26 Girokonto create a SCHUFA record for me (assuming I use it in a positive manner) which will help me open a Girokonto with ComDirect after a few months of good history?

    2. Or would you still recommend me opening a TagesGeldplus account with ComDirect for now, deposit money little by little each month and then ask nicely in a few months for a Girokonto (and that gets me an EC card)?

    Please let me know which option would be best – or if you have other thoughts.

    Vielen Dank und Freundliche Gruesse,


  5. Gianna says:

    Hi Gregor! I am moving to Vienna, Austria in September for 2 years, to complete a masters program. Can I transfer some of the money I have in my account here in the USA to a N26 account? I want to have access to a card with no foreign ATM fees. Please let me know!

    • Editorial Team says:

      For the money transfer between USA and the Euro zone we ourselves use TransferWise. This is a recommendation. 🙂 Since we like to speak/write about banks in a positive way, we rather don’t want to talk about N26 anymore. 😉

  6. Steve Camp says:

    I have just opened an N26 account.
    How do I deposit funds into it?
    I want to use my computer for online banking. Where is the app?

    Thanks, Steve

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