Part I: What you really need to know about GoldMoney, but many precious-metal websites conceal!

GoldMoney ► Basics!

GoldMoney is not a bank, but a high security safe for precious metals. That is why you cannot open an “account” at GoldMoney, but a “Holding”. Freely translated: Stock account.

open a holding at GoldMoney

Holding (customer account) can be opened online:

GoldMoney offers a unique combination of services that is greatly appreciated by insiders of the industry:

  • 100% physical purchase of gold, silver, platinum, palladium
  • storage in high security safes, of your personal choice in England, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Canada and Singapore
  • the purchase, sale, payment is possible via online access to the Holding autonomously
  • physical delivery possible
  • administrative headquarters on Jersey (British Channel Islands)
  • great price-performance ratio
  • account opening is possible for private persons and companies online

Part I: What can GoldMoney do for you?

This is explained best by GoldMoney itself … 77 seconds video clip:

Most people cannot imagine the following!

Who has opted for GoldMoney for the purchase and secure storage of precious metals, has made a wise decision for the future. No other provider offers such a secure, broad and cost-effective spectrum regarding precious metals.

Or, expressed more clearly

GoldMoney will safe your (financial) life!

Explanation (Did you know this yet?)

If you are reading this explanation, then you probably deal with precious metals since quite some time and were able to already gain some experience in this area. You might even agree with the statement that gold and silver are used for the long-term asset preservation. You know about inflation and paper money currencies.

In order to speculate with gold and silver, one does not require physical goods. There are lots of “toys” on the exchange markets. If this is your intention, then you do not need to continue reading, as GoldMoney would not be the right partner for you!

If you are here to look for the best solution for a secure precious metal facility that also works during the – perhaps only today – most unthinkable crisis scenarios, then please read on.

GoldMoney on Jersey

You do not only get to learn knowledge from literature, as we love to do research on-site. The founder of this special portal visited the headquarters of GoldMoney on Jersey (green border line) together with a German lawyer.

Being a customer of GoldMoney, you have the opportunity to purchase physical precious metals (Good-Delivery-Standard) and store it all over the world distributed in specialized high security safes.

As only the fewest customers have the financial power to buy 400-ounce bars for themselves, one usually buys shares of these standardized bars. Any buyer is entered as an owner with one’s share.

This efficient procedure bears a great economic advantage: minimal costs. The costs of purchasing, testing, storage, security, reporting and online management are shared by all customers.

Who buys precious metals through GoldMoney only would like to hold them in hand in the rarest of cases. The delivery is possible as gold pieces of 100 grams, but rarely makes sense.

Who wants to keep gold bars or silver coins at home or a deposit box should preferably buy it at the precious metal dealer. This has the advantage that you have your precious metals accessibly nearby, and is an excellent idea for an emergency fund, e.g. some small gold and silver coins.

Please imagine that you would have to leave the country. How much of your precious metal can you take with you safely?

Now you know what we mean!

A physical storage of precious metals near your residence – or in an expensive deposit box in Switzerland – would be of no practical use for you – if you would have to leave the country – maybe only temporarily. Except for a few coins or combibars that you can carry with you, your precious metal inventories would be neutralized. In other words: worthless and lost at this moment.

escaping gold :)

Self-explanatory and obvious, isn´t it?

This is different with your precious metal investment at GoldMoney. You can let your precious metal be professionally deposited at up to 5 different places in the world. In order to use your precious metals in cases of crisis, you do not have to go to that specific place. Or you can think getting your gold coins from the security box of a besieged branch office of a bank by an angry mob?

Log into your online Holding (online customer account) at GoldMoney and make e.g. a partial sale. Within a short time, you will have your gold converted into account balance. And you may transfer this immediately to your current account.

Gold can be converted anytime into account balance and transferred consecutively!

This does not have to be your current account in Germany. If you travelled e.g. to the USA, then you may receive this account balance to your US account.

At GoldMoney, you can specify multiple bank accounts.

Can you see the advantage? You can access your GoldMoney Holding from anywhere in the world via the Internet and therefore also to your precious metal stock. If you need money, bank or credit card balance, you can arrange a corresponding transfer to your old or new account.

Important: The account must be on your name. GoldMoney never makes payments to accounts of third parties. This is a safety criterion. Likewise, GoldMoney only receives payments from accounts on which your name is stated as the holder (money laundering protection rules).

GoldMoney ensures that all statutory regulations are complied with very strict. This serves the protection of all customers.
GoldMoney is under the financial supervision of the island nation Jersey. Jersey is British crown dependent and thus not part of the EU, even if the island is only situated a few nautical miles from the coast of France.

Interim Conclusion

We do not know how the future develops. However, there are people who are worried about the future and prefer to take meaningful precautions … and are willing to invest time and energy. With our publications, we want to help those people.

The best thing that can happen is that those emergency cases never happen! However, in an emergency, the precaution pays off and may therefore decide between life and death, in the worst scenario!

This precaution may really make the difference!

Let’s go back in thought – best case: Gold and silver are good long-term stores of value (Keyword: Inflation). You will have advantages with GoldMoney also if the world develops positively!

If you have internalized and understood these ideas, then you are ready for

  • an account opening at GoldMoney and
  • the second part of this page.

“Yes, I will do this!”

… opening of a customer account.

… for all budgets …

Important knowledge: At GoldMoney, there is no minimum investment amount or other hurdles. Small savers are just as welcome as institutional investors.

The fees for purchasing and storage are calculated as a percentage. This is a great advantage to many other providers, which have a fixed (and sometimes high) account management fee.

Customers, who make larger investments, get discounts on the percentage fee, which is otherwise usual. Respectively from 10 and 100 ounces (regarding all precious metals: gold, silver, platinum and palladium), there are discounted conditions.

Part II: How GoldMoney works

In the second part, you can find step-by-step instructions for the optimal use of GoldMoney. This part will perhaps never be finished, as it will always be supplemented and adjusted.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to visit us often and perhaps setting a link to this page or bookmark it.

Please feel free to write additions or ask questions in the comments box. It is virtually some kind of help for GoldMoney customers.

To start out, here are two videos, which content you should know

Interview with the former head of customer service:

Interview with a German tax advisor regarding the tax legality

Purchasing gold

One can spend a lot of money on gold – but you do not have to. In this video, you can see how gold was purchased for only Euros 35. Nice instructions to follow:

Changing the safe

In the following video clip, you can see how to restore precious metals from one safe (in this case England) to another one in the world (in this case Canada). This is done very easily and cheaply through the online access:

“Yes, I will do this!”

… opening of a customer account.

… further information will follow …

Picture material: Gold plate (ESG precious metal trading), Safe (endrille, fotolia), Gold card with mouse (alexmillos, fotolia)

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